Nanyang Polytechnic Malay Cultural Group, Andayu
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Andayu (Malay Cultural Group) is a diversified group in Nanyang Polytechnic which inculcates bonding among peers and nurturing its member's talents

Malay Cultural Group is a diversified group which inculcates bonding among peers and nurturing its member's talents. We have 4 subgroups which are Malay Dance, Dikir Barat (boys & girls) and Malay Theater Group. With these subgroups, it gives the opportunity for students who have strong passion in the Malay arts and culture to unlock the secrets of our tradition and to discover their talents.

MCG works hand in hand harmoniously with the community of all races so that they can also learn more about the Malay culture. We strengthen and preserve our cultural roots, traditions and beliefs so as it will not be forgotten by the younger generation. Apart from traditional performances, we are also capable of contemporary and modern pieces with a touch of Malay-ness.

We are also known for our annual production held in Nanyang Polytechnic called Layar Andayu, a theatre based stage production held annually. Although it is a theatre based production, not only theater drama, but, our Malay Dance and Dikir Barat performances will also be showcased in this production. The performances are exhibited in between the theatre drama performance itself as a spice that brings the mood to the audience through their entertaining, joyful or even somber movements and expressions interrelated with the theatre drama performance.

Pusaka Seni is the drama and theatre group of MCG. . Pusaka means heritage whereas Seni means arts or skills. Pusaka seni encourages students to express themselves through movement, dialogue and expression. Members will not only be introduced to the essential acting skills but also be guided to express their creativity and build confidence.

Betara Karisma, Betara which derives from Batara Guru, an ancient heavenly mythological figure is NYP’s very own dikir barat boys team. Being the only tertiary group to train without an instructor, they have done the school proud by clinching 4/18 trophies in Piala Khatulistiwa, a bi-annual open category dikir competition. Besides excelling in dikir barat, our dikir barat boys are also talented in playing Kompang. Kompang is a malay tradisional musical instrument. The instrument is a single headed hand beaten drum with a shallow round frame. Different from Dikir Barat, playing of kompang is just another component in the Malay arts and culture. It is played in groups and usually performed for event such as wedding ceremonies and to welcome the arrival of VIPs.

Dewi Kalista which means enchanting goddess is our Dikir Barat girls group. They have consistently produced stellar results in the tertiary dikir barat scene for NYP. Our girls perform pieces to entertain the crowd with their graceful hand movements and powerful voices.

Indra Nila Kirana which derives from the mythological Indra, leader of the Dewas or heavenly figures. Through their effective showcase of intricate and elegant dance steps and body movements, students who join Malay dance, will gain a better appreciation of Malay dance culture. By learning, the different genres of tarian, from the ancient to contemporary, it gives the group an opportunity to immerse themselves in traditional Malay dance and music.